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M2M Solutions

Data-optimized mobile network platforms, components and applications for Mobile Operators and M2M MVNOs

For Mobile Operators

We provide you with the ability to:

  • Segregate and offload M2M data traffic from your core network
  • Reduce M2M data traffic processing costs
  • Optimize your M2M customer’s experience
  • Take control, to know the exact M2M data traffic volume, and manage the same
XIUS M2M Services for MNO's
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  • Simplified M2M Business Processes
    • M2M data traffic runs independently, over dedicated elements
    • Option to deploy M2M-optimized HLR and Mobile Packet Gateway
  • Optimized Network Utilization
    • Designed to optimally handle frequent, large number of data connections with low data traffic


We provide you with the ability to:

  • Obtain and utilize your own M2M-optimized data network infrastructure
  • Offer broader, unique M2M services independently of the mobile operator
  • Provide direct device management to your M2M ASP customers
Xius M2M Solution Suite for MNO's
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  • Create New Service Offerings Independent of MNO Partners
    • Core Network, Messaging, BSS, BI and M2M applications integrated with Mobile Operator, but separate
    • Flexibility to define wide range of M2M services independent of Mobile Operator
  • Enables Quicker Provisioning and Diagnostics by M2M ASP Customers
    • M2M-optimized HLR and Mobile Packet Gateway Capability Enabled

Whether a mobile operator or an M2M MVNO, XIUS has the technology platforms and applications to help you address your specific business challenges.

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